Squeaky Clean Soapery is a personal passion turned small business run by mother and son team of Elizabeth and Steven Benton. What began as experimenting with a variety of scents, fragrances, and soap bases, tested on family, soon turned popular when shared among close friends and the broader community. Our soaps are hand-crafted with basic ingredients and oils that most would find in their kitchen cupboard. Having NO Preservatives, SLS, SLSA, Parabans, Phthalates, or Sulphates.

We produce and sell fragrance Soap using Essential oils and Phthalate free fragrances. We also produce speciality soaps made with goat’s milk or buttermilk or coconut oil target soaps for skin care or antimicrobial, shampoo bars, Goat's milk soaps and soaps with out fragrance for those that have allergies, pet soap, hair conditioner bars.